When you buy Wholeness & Holiness, you get access to a download which contains everything you need for your group’s exploration of biblical purity. Here’s what’s included:

The Lessons

In addition to an optional Call To Retreat lesson/activity (“Weaving the Web of Wholeness & Holiness”), there are eight 60-75 minute lessons covering the entire spectrum of biblical purity:

  1. The Private Parts of the Bible: God’s Word Says WHAT?
    (Exploring all the wild stuff in the Bible)
  2. Purity 101: Called to Be Saints, Together
    (Introduction to purity and the importance of community)
  3. Purity’s Progress: Cultivating and Extending Holiness
    (How God’s people have changed in their pursuit of purity)
  4. Loving the Skin You’re In: Purity on Display
    (The significance of tattoos, piercings, and clothing)
  5. Can You Touch This?: Rules, Relationships, and Redemption
    (Hygiene habits and the power of Christ to redeem unclean stuff)
  6. You Are What You Eat: Deciding What’s for Dinner
    (Looking at ingested purity and food justice)
  7. Holy Sex!: Sanctified and Sanctifying Relationships
    (The holy gift of sex is confusing, awkward, and beautiful)
  8. The Heart of the Matter: Purity In Everyday Life
    (Thinking about purity as Christian discipleship)
FREE SAMPLEClick here to download the Lesson 4 Leader Guide and Student Sheet

Leader Guides

A comprehensive resource to help group leaders prepare to teach each lesson. Each six-page Leader Guide includes a thorough explanation of the biblical, historical, and theological concepts related to the lesson. The Leader Guide also breaks down each aspect of the lesson with discussion questions and prompts to keep the conversation moving along.

Teaching Sheets

A handy, one-page summary of the Leader Guide that can be used while teaching the lesson.

Student Sheets

Engaging activities for learners to use during the lesson. Students will need this two-sided sheet and a writing utensil to fully utilize the Student Sheets.

Video Clips

Each lesson incorporates a short video clip that helps to introduce the lesson theme.

High-resolution Images

Students meditate on a unique image that is referenced throughout each lesson. A low-resolution version of each image is also found in the lesson’s accompanying Leader Guide and Student Sheet.

Body Map

An outline of a human body found in the back of the Student Sheet packet. At the conclusion of each lesson, students draw a simple object or two on the body to represent what they’ve learned (“The Anatomy of Purity”). The Body Map becomes an artifact they can keep after the sessions are done.

Retreat Letter

A sample letter that may be sent to parents before using Wholeness & Holiness in a retreat setting.

Call to Retreat

Group-building activities to use at the beginning of a Wholeness & Holiness retreat.

Holy Sex! Supplement

Additional information about the topic of sexual purity. This may come in handy when learners ask additional questions about sex and sexuality.